Spring Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Spring Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

As spring approaches, it’s time to get back outside and start maintaining your lawn. It’s the best time of year to ensure your lawn looks pristine for summer. You’re likely to find that your lawn needs some work so it can recover from the harsh winter months. So, what should you do to get your lawn back into shape?


Spring is the perfect time to give your soil some love. If you have heavy foot traffic in your garden, it’s common for soil to become compacted. When it’s compacted, it can’t absorb water, nutrients, or air- all of which are vital for healthy growth. 

The process of aerating your soil will introduce thousands of tiny holes which will allow your soil to absorb everything it needs to thrive. At Mass Lawn Pros, we can aerate your lawn for you at the perfect time of year so you don’t need to waste your spare time.

Soil Test

A professional soil test is vital if you want to make sure your lawn is getting all of the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. A soil test can tell you a lot about your lawn and how it’s growing. You may find that you need to fertilize your lawn to make up for lost nutrients and restore PH balance.

We can provide you with a soil test and then lay out a customized fertilization plan to suit your needs. You’ll have all the information you need to restore your lawn after the winter.


If you have bare patches on your lawn, you may be at a loss for what to do to help it to regrow. This is where overseeding comes in. Overseeding uses a mixture of seed and fertilizer to help these patches grow back and get your lawn looking lush again.

The type of turf builder you use will depend on your grass and the time of year you apply it. There are different versions for cold months and warm months. It can be a notoriously difficult decision to make, which is why many people choose to hire a lawn maintenance team.


Mowing is an essential element in lawn maintenance. Not only will it help to keep your grass healthy but it also encourages growth and keeps your grass looking neat and tidy. It’s easy to make the mistake of mowing a lawn right down to the bottom when it’s overgrown throughout the winter.

In fact, grass should stay at least three inches long for it to get the vital water, air and nutrients it needs to grow. Try not to mow your lawn down too far or ask someone with more experience to do it for you. 


Once your grass is prepped, it’s time to fertilize. Spring is the best time to fertilize your soil as in addition to helping it with growth, it will also help to protect it from drought and heat. If you need help choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn, we can hellp.

If you’re limited on time, we can even show you how to apply your fertilizer, how often to do it, or apply it for you. 

Remove Weeds

Weeds can pop up on your lawn at any time of year but they may be more noticeable during spring when you start to spend more time in your garden. You can pull up most weeds by hand, as long as you make sure to pull up the root when you do. This will stop you needing to use herbicides.

Although herbicides can be necessary at times, they will hinder the fertilization and overseeding process. We can help you to remove weeds and keep your lawn looking great.

Check For Grubs

Grubs are little pests that no gardener wants on their lawn. Grubs like to feast on grass roots so you may find that they leave patches of dead grass on your lawn. They appear as small white spots but they can be very difficult to see.

If you suspect you have grubs on your lawn, we can take a look for you. A naturally occurring bacteria called Milky Spore is ideal for killing grubs.

If you’re looking for spring lawn maintenance near me online, we’re here to help. At Mass Lawn Pros, we provide all aspects of lawn mowing and maintenance so you can spend your free time doing exactly what you should be doing- enjoying your garden. Get in touch with us for a quote today.