Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration Services

You can ensure that your lawn remains lush and attractive throughout the seasons by maintaining and caring for it. Most homeowners maintain their lawns regularly, but lawn aeration is one process that many skip.

The quality of your lawn will significantly improve after the aeration process. Making holes or pockets in the grass and soil, also known as “core aeration,” ensures the necessary nutrients can reach the roots. At Mass Lawn Pros, we recommend booking your lawn aeration service on a yearly basis to help with lawn maintenance.

Improve your soil with lawn aeration

The best time to schedule your lawn aeration service is late Summer and into the Fall. But if you are still unsure whether it is the right thing for you, here are the numerous benefits of aeration for your soil and lawn: 

  • It promotes stronger and healthier grass roots 
  • It enables air and water to reach the roots and soil. 
  • It aids in loosening up compacted, tight soil, which makes fertilizer more effective 
  • It keeps mushrooms from growing 
  • It increases resilience to insects 
  • It improves resistance to drought 
  • It promotes fresh growth

Lawn aeration services near me in the South Shore Area

Lawn aeration can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Therefore, you should consider a landscaping expert who’s equipped to provide the service. At the Mass Lawn Pros, we have over 30 years of experience and professional-grade equipment to ensure effective lawn care.

After the aeration service is over, you will soon start to notice visible improvements in your lawn. However, it’s important to keep up your lawn maintenance routine after aeration. Our team can help manage your lawn expertly.

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