Winter Landscaping Services

Winter brings plenty of fun and excitement for friends and family alike, but it’s not all stories in front of the hearth and spending quality time with loved ones. You know as much as anyone else that household and property maintenance becomes much more demanding during winter. If you don’t do something about it quickly, you could encounter a plethora of hazards around your home, including icy surfaces, damaged drains, and overgrown gardens.

With that in mind, it’s worth knowing some of the most effective and essential landscaping services in the winter season to ensure you’re prepared to handle all conditions.

Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall can become unmanageable, and while many government and city services can clear snow from public roads, you are responsible for removing snow on and around your property.

You can search for snow plow removal near me to find reliable services that can clear built-up snow on your driveway and other parts of your home or business to ensure your family, guests, employees, and customers can access the premises safely. If you do not remove the snow swiftly, there is a risk of it melting and becoming ice, which can cause severe slip hazards and lead to injuries and vehicle damage.

Winter Lawn Care

Although you may not spend much (if any) time outdoors during the winter, you should still understand how important winter lawn care is to ensure your garden is healthy when the temperatures rise. You must keep the grass and soil from being damaged by the harsh and cold climate and consider the potential risks of freezing. Because of this, you should drain all hoses and sprinklers and protect trees by wrapping them in burlap sacks so there is some protection from potentially sub-zero temperatures. To make garden maintenance easier, remove all garden furniture that could also become damaged by the cold weather.

Shrub Care

Winter shrub and tree trimming can protect your garden from decay and disease over the colder months. When you notice the temperatures drop, identify areas that could cause problems for your garden and remove them.

Trimming back shrubs and trees can stop them from becoming too overgrown, which causes more problems and hassle once the snow melts and temperatures rise. It can also keep your plants healthy even if they don’t get as many nutrients or sunlight during the winter. This technique means you don’t need to remove or transplant them and can instead get them back to their best later in the year.


It doesn’t matter if your garden has trees, bushes, or shrubs. You need to trim them back to prevent them from becoming overgrown and unmanageable over the winter. On top of this, trimming your plants will prevent the limbs from dying and falling off, which creates a messy lawn that you might not want to deal with later.

There is also a safety element to consider. Overgrown trees and bushes can increase the risks of burglaries as potential thieves have somewhere to hide. Besides this, it can also encourage wildlife to create nests to protect themselves from the cold. If you don’t deal with overgrown branches quickly, there is a risk of infestation in your garden.

Dead Branches

Dead branches might not seem like too big of an issue, but the rotting wood can cause problems even if you don’t spend much time outside over the winter. Rotten wood could cause unpleasant smells and leave a slimy substance that is difficult to remove, especially if you leave it for too long.

It isn’t just dead branches you’ll need to contend with, either. Other types of garden debris include dead leaves which could promote snow mold and damage your lawn. When preparing your lawn for the winter, make sure you check for any leftover debris and remove it as efficiently as possible.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters may feel out of sight and out of mind, but you should still consider gutter cleaning services to prevent significant household damage. You may not realize it, but leaves and other garden debris could be caught in your gutters. These leaves could also be damp, so they will freeze when the temperatures drop.

As leaves and debris freeze, they block the gutters so water cannot drain, which adds extra weight and could cause the gutters to tear away from the property. This could be an expensive repair, so book a gutter cleaning service as soon as possible.

Winter Landscaping For You

There are many winter landscaping responsibilities for your home or business. While you may feel confident tackling some yourself, a professional service can ensure everything is done the right way the first time. If you know you will need essential winter landscaping services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today to find out what we can do for you.