The Best Time to Mulch in the Spring

Now that spring is just around the corner here in Massachusetts, it’s time to start thinking about mulching your garden. And, when it comes to getting the most out of it, time is of the essence. When you choose to mulch your garden will have a considerable effect on how successful it is. Before you head into the garden, we put together this guide to tell you when the best time to mulch is in the spring as well as some other important factors to keep in mind.

While it’s possible to mulch yourself and get some great results, it can be a lot of hard work! If you want the best looking garden in your neighborhood, then it’s a good idea to hire a landscaper for mulching services. You want your lawn and flowerbeds to speak for themselves, and a landscaper can help take away that hassle and do all of the hard work for you. 

What is mulch?

Mulch is a loose covering or sheet that is placed on top of your soil. It can be a great help for any kind of garden because it helps your trees, plants and vegetables retain as much moisture as possible, helps keep weeds at bay, and can help protect roots too. It can be used on plain soil or it can cover the surface of compost if it’s a potted plant or tree.

There are different types of mulch available, but there are loads of benefits they can provide such as improving organic soil matter, keeping pests at bay, providing nutrients to the soil, and helping keep soil warm in the spring. Another added bonus is that it helps improve the look of your flower beds and can add a nice touch to any garden instead of looking at plain soil.

Why is mulch important?

Mulch is an important part of gardening if you want the greenest lawn and the best looking flower beds. Not only do the end results look fantastic, but mulch actually provides nutrients and protection for your plants, trees and vegetables. 

Have you ever been disappointed because pests have gotten to your shrubs and nibbled at them? Or maybe you’ve often discovered that some of your plants aren’t surviving because their roots have died or weeds are taking over? Mulch can help protect all of that while also providing some defense against the elements too. So, if Massachusetts doesn’t get the warm spring we’re all hoping for, your plants will still survive.

When is the best time to mulch in the spring?

For the most part, mid to late spring is the best time to mulch your garden. This is because it can liven up your flower beds and prevent weeds from growing after being dormant during the winter.

You’ll need to make sure that the soil has had time to warm up, which is why mid to late spring is recommended. If you mulch too soon, your soil will struggle to warm enough and can also lead to diseases in your plants, which you ideally want to avoid.

It’s important to remember not to lay down mulch if there has been a lot of rainfall recently. A light rainfall should be okay, but you’ll need to make sure the ground isn’t waterlogged. A great tip is also to lightly spray the mulch after you’ve applied it so that it stays in place. The longer mulch has been in place, the less likely it is to blow away when the wind blows.

Can you mulch during other seasons?

Yes you can! For example, you might want to add more mulch to freshen things up come summer time. This might be due to a lot of rainfall, or you might have had a particularly dry spell and want to help your plants retain their moisture.

You might also want to mulch in the fall in preparation for the winter. Because mulch is primarily used to help retain moisture, you might be able to protect your plants and trees during the winter by adding a protective layer of mulch.

People don’t generally mulch in the winter, but it’s not unheard of either. You might choose to add a bit of mulch around your tree base and shrubs to help protect their roots during the harsher weather.

So, if you want your garden to be protected and look fantastic, then it’s time to speak with a landscaper about their mulching services for a faster way to mulch that will save you the hassle! Speak to a member of our friendly team here at Mass Lawn Pros today! No job is too big or too small!