The Benefits of Mulching and Bark Blowing

We don’t need to tell you why mulching is beneficial for your garden, but what you might be interested to hear is that there is actually an alternative to the back-breaking method of application you use right now. There are machines called mulch blowers that can do all of the hard work for you! Landscaping companies use them to come to your property, spread the mulch quickly, efficiently and without making any mess, and then leave you with a garden that’s beautiful and protected from the elements.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting a tidier garden, a business owner wanting to improve the exterior of your business, or a property manager trying to sell homes, you should check out why you might want to hire a bark blower for your mulch blowing needs – it’s more beneficial than the old fashioned way of spreading mulch in the garden!

Even application

While spreading mulch by hand can absolutely be done, you’re often left with an uneven application, especially if you’re on your hands and knees doing the application. Sure, it’ll still look much better and do the job it’s supposed to, but you could actually be wasting mulch! When you use a mulch blower, you can guarantee that you’ll end up with a smooth and even layer making the end result look fantastic, without wasting any mulch. And, bark blowers can ensure the right amount of mulch is applied to the right area too, so you don’t have to worry about not putting enough mulch on your flower beds either.

Can reach hard to reach areas

If your property has a hill or areas with brittle soil it can be difficult to lay mulch. Not only that, because you’ll be wheeling your wheelbarrow over these areas, you could end up damaging the soil even further. A mulch blower can easily reach those areas without having to compromise any of your land. They can expel mulch using a hose that could be hundreds of feet long. So, even if you want to mulch at the top of a steep hill, you don’t have to worry about climbing it with a heavy wheelbarrow – a mulcher can do it!

Saves time

Arguably one of the most beneficial factors of using a mulch blower is how much time it takes to mulch areas of your garden. Even if you had a few people helping you mulch your garden, a mulch blower could still do it in less than half of the time. When you’re mulching by hand, you can generally spread around 1 yard an hour. With a mulch blower, you can blow up to 60 yards in that same hour. And, if you’re paying for a landscaper to do the job for you, you can rest assured that they’ll be in, do the work, and pack up before you could have made much of a difference doing it by hand.

Reduced expenses

Saving time is an amazing bonus of using mulch blowing services, and with that also comes reduced expenses. For many landscaping companies, labor is often their biggest cost when it comes to billing the customer. But, with a mulch blower, they’re dramatically reducing the amount of time that they need to be on site. Not only that, because they are using a mulch blower that can be extended, it may never have to even enter your property. This means there is less chance of your garden becoming ruined by machinery or foot traffic, which reduces costs too.

Less hassle

If you’ve ever mulched your garden, you’ll know all too well how much effort goes into it. Not only can it be painful on your back, but it takes up valuable time, and you might not have the spare time to put into it. Instead, invest in mulch blowing and have the professionals come and do it for you! Because of how fast the work can be done (especially if you don’t have a really large area to cover), you won’t be spending much on it anyway!

As you can see, using a mulch blowing service like those at Mass Lawn Pros is the way forward when it comes to mulching your garden. Gone are the days where you need to dedicate a few days to mulching an area of your garden! Get in touch today to speak with one of our friendly members of staff who will be more than happy to talk to you about your mulching needs!